Colex Colex SX1732

Colex SX1732

Quick specs

Increased Acceleration & Cutting Speeds

Automated Finishing System 

Universal Triple Tool Head 

Vision Registration System & Camera 

Energy Efficient 6 -Zone Vacumm System 

Solid Steel Welded Frame 

Precision Balanced Aluminum Rollers

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Colex launches new Sharpcut Pro and Creator Models

Featuring increased speed , acceleration and a new design !

Our flatbed cutters are for the digital production of Graphics & POP's , Packaging, Textile/Fabric and more.

 A combination of versatility & speed , which is unparalleled .

The Colex Sharpcut Conveyer can be used for a variety of applications : 

Removal of finished jobs : The Sharpcut Conveyer efficiently speeds up the removal 

of finished jobs from the cutting table.

Fabrics / Textiles Cutting : Combine the Sharpcut Conveyer with the Roll Feeder 

and the Clamping Bar to cut Fabrics /Textiles .

Board Cutting Pallet to Pallet : Combine the Sharpcut Conveyer with the 

Automatic Board Feeder ( including Palllet Table ) and Clamping Bar for 

board cutting . Cuts up to 70 boards ( soft ) 4' x 8' per hour . 

Working area : 67 ' x 126 ' 

Dimensions : 98' x 166' 

Vacuum system : 6 Zone

Rapid Speed : 80 IPS/122 m/min 

Maximum cutting thickness : 2.5 ' 

Weigth : 4.000 lbs