Roland Roland XT-640

Roland XT-640

Quick specs

Thickness : maximum 1.0mm

Roll weight : 40 kg

Printing resolution : maximum 1,440 dpi

Dryer : setting range for the preset : 30 to 40 c

Dimensions  ( with stand ) :  111.7 ( W ) X 32.7 ( D) X 65 ( H) in.

Weight :  471.8 lb - 214kg

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Texart   XT-640

Simply powerful sublimation printing

Developed specifically for dye sublimation transfer printing , the Texart XT  -640

delivers outstanding productivity , exceptional print quality and renowed reliability ,

thanks to its exclusive printing technology .

Maximise the strenght of your output across a wide range of applications including

sportswear , fashion , soft signage , interior decoration , promotional merchandise

and much more .

Print different colour variations or completely different designs within the same print run to achieve mass

customisation of one piece or batch up different jobs during one long run .

Branded and Personalized Fashion and Apparel

Whether you're making your own fashion statement with clothing and pattern design , or company

branding  t-shirts and apparel  , the XT-640 gives you a wealth of fabric and customization options.

It's the perfect machine for high- volume production of corporate clothing or high end fashion products.

Merchandise Like Mad

Use the XT-640 for customizing promotional gifts , gadgets , sports equipment and merchandise .

From smart phone cases to custom decorated tiles , the XT-640 is an incredibly reliable and

unstoppable dye-sublimation transfer printing machine that can help you kick-start your customization empire.

The XT-640 is the ideal device to create brilliantly colorful graphics for team uniforms, amateur

sportswear and professional sportswear .

With its rugged construction and dual  print heads in staggered formation ,the Texart XT-640

is bulit to meet demanding production requirements , delivering print speeds up to 63 m2/h .

THe XT-640 offers stability , stunning print quality and superb high-speed performance .

To capture every gradation and detail , each head fires precise droplets in up to seven

different sizes to accommodate media characteristics and desired print quality .