CanCam Cancam CNC B2

Cancam CNC B2

Quick specs

  • Optional 4TH AXIS
  • NK105 DSP controller or WIN CNC  PC controller
  • 3-6 KW HSD Spindle
  • Herion Helical Rack
  • PMI/THK linear guide rails
  • Shimpo gear reducers
  • Becker KVT 3.140 vacuum pump
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B2-44 M 4 ' X 4 ' CNC Router

The B2-44 M CNC router is an intermediate 4 ' x 4 ' machine , designed for professional and industrial cutting,

routing, engraving, and marking wood, plastic , and non ferous metals.

The HSD spindle (3-6 kW) provides power for a wide range of applications, and

the NK105 controller with hand-held pendant provides a user friendly interface

that's easy to use.

The B2 CNC router is an intermediate  machine designed for professional and industrial cutting , routing , engraving and marking .

The NK 105 controller provides a convenient hand-held pendant and user-friendly interface.

  • Table top : PVC or Phenolic Vacuum table , Aluminum T-Slot
  • Weight  : 1200kg / 2645 lbs