Fotoba Fotoba Digitrim 64'

Fotoba Digitrim 64'

Quick specs

Digital print finishing solutions 

You print... We cut !


The easiest way to trim your prints !

It automatically re-aligns itself to the image edge !

Ideal for small production with different sizes

1mm accuracy on both x/y directions

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Digitrim is a unique  X/Y cutting system. It's main feature is the ability to  sense cut marks placed

between multipe digital images , printed or exposed simultaneously on single pages of digital

media. Paper alignment is automatically set by cut marks. You only have to introduce your sheet of

multiple images twice to obtain perfectly square prints.

Most printing devices have the capablity to create Cut Marks automatically. In case this option is

not available, each Digitrim can be supplied as an option with TrimManager , the Rip software that

nests, clones and paginates automatically different images on the same web. You can downlaod it from our RIP Support page.

The Digitrim can cut most flexible materials up to 0,5mm both rolls ans sheets.

Very easy handling

The self-squaring blade follows any printing misalignment

Can cut different sizes in the same roll

Fully automatoc

Accuracy up to 0.1mm

Automatic sheet trimming

Self sharpening rotary blades

Five channels to store mark data

Max cutting width : 163cm/64in.

Min cutting width : 20cm/8in.

Max roll diameter allowed: 21cm

Max roll weight allowed : 40kg

Max cutting thickness : 0,5mm

Feeding speed : 18mt/min

X cutting accuracy : 0,5mm/0,1mm ( HR version )

Y cutting accuracy : 0,5mm/0,1mm ( HR version )

Net Weight : 130kg

Gross Weight : 172kg

Dimensions : 230x40x110h

Shipping Dimensions : 250x60x60h