Klieverik GTC SP - Flowline

GTC SP - Flowline

Quick specs

  • Infeed table with adjustable height
  • Protection bar to prevent an operator from damaging the printed paper
  • Front out feed for single sheet production
  • Wind and unwinding shafts for transfer and protection paper, each with tensioning device
  • Optimized workflow without ‘ghosting’ of the image  
  • Cooling down timer
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The GTC-SP model Flowline has been designed for the efficient production of single pieces transfer printing, but is also capable of cut sheet repeat jobs or roll-to-roll transfer printing. All kind of materials like woven – stretch – knits - non woven can be printed with applications ranging from athletic apparel to door mats.

The Flowline gets its name as the order in which the blank pieces of fabric are laid down on the infeed table are automatically transported (or “flow”) to the back of the calender in exact the same order. Here the transferred pieces can be easily gathered and kept organized by size and color/design. It is also possible to have the transferred pieces flow to the front of the machine by simply changing the directional plate under the infeed table. This feature is great for sampling or short runs.

The excellent guiding of the long belt and the steady run of the paper and material make it possible to print with the highest edge sharpness. The stable temperature of the oil based and electrical heated drum will give you an extremely good colour brilliance.


GTC Calender NEW

GTC Calender NEW

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Klieverik Flowline Single-Piece