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  • Do you lose production time in the cutting process?
  • Do you measure every display individually to have accurate cuts?
  • Do you have difficulties cutting displays accurately?
  • Are you limited to use certain kinds of fabrics?
  • Do you need a skilled operator or even an additional person to cut fabrics?
  • If you forget to print registration marks, do you have to throw away the roll?
  • Do some of your displays suffer deformations (shrinkage, stretching, banana effect) after the printing and/or the cutting process?
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A unique solution to cut textile by laser with high accuracy.

HELIOS has been specifically designed to save time and reduce costs for sign industry companies that are producing large and grand format printings. It allows an optimum use of printed fabrics; avoid problems of shrinkage and frayed textiles as well as manual measurements. With its 3500 x 8000 mm (11,5 ft x 26,25 ft), Helios offers the largest flat cutting area on the market.

  • No more frayed edges: cuts & seals the edges of textile perfectly
  • No limitation of textiles: flag fabrics, mesh, knitted textiles, satin, etc.
  • Air cooled laser (70 W): great productivity and effectiveness in terms of power and cutting speed results
  • Intensity control: avoid dark edges in most fabrics
  • Very high quality laser and long lifetime use

  • Projects on top of printed graphics exactly the required work to be cut
  • Helios cuts even shrunk textiles 
  • No manual measurements necessary
  • Alignment of projection on top of the print with 360º rotation of X-Y axis adjusted by remote control
  • Red and green lights indicate the right position to start the cutting process

  • Driven unwinding unit: no stretch and tension on textile – avoid deformation & banana effect
  • Automatic edge guide device: places the print perfectly parallel on the table
  • Special textile feeding device: stretchy and sensitive fabrics are delicately placed on the cutting area
  • No waves: fabric lies perfectly flat on the table - waves will not interfere with the accuracy of the cut
  • No more waste: use all your printed textiles even if there are no registration marks printed on

  • Matic software: user-friendly
  • RIP-Software: reads DXF files
  • Error diagnostic system
  • Barcode: select the right order - avoid mistakes

  • Ergonomic design 
  • 15’’ PC with color touch screen: intuitive software – easy to use
  • Cutting laser: 70 W (air cooled)
  • Focusing lens: 2.5"
  • Standard cutting area: 3500 mm x 8000 mm (11,5 ft x 26,25ft) – customized under request
  • Maximum movement speed: 1meter/sec - 3,3 feet/sec (while positioning X-Y axis)
  • Adjustable laser power and cutting speed
  • Brushless motors (no maintenance) - CNC X-Y
  • Machine prepared for connection to an exhaust device for smoke removal
  • Driven unwinding device
  • Laser pointer
  • 15’’ PC with color touch screen: intuitive software – easy to use
  • Safety detectors
  • Barcode reader
  • Circular knife to separate the textile from the roll
  • Stainless steel cutting surface
Helios Laser by Matic

Helios Laser by Matic

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Helios Laser by Matic