TG Workshops: Innovation, Training, Productivity

Are you seeking to: Increase your profit, reduce your production cost, expand your market? TG workshops will help.

TG Workshops: Innovation, Training, Productivity

Four workshops are offered

Mandatory registration. Limited spaces.

New Markets Workshop

This workshop will introduce you to different applications to maximize the use of your existing equipment and will open doors to new markets to explore. The trainers will familiarize you to the engraving market with the use of the new hybrid laser engraver with CO2 + fiber tube, the promotional items market with Roland's UV printer LEF-300 and the heat transfer and garment market with Specialty Materials products and Hotronix heat press.

All this equipment will be on site and operational. You will test different applications, ask your questions and leave with your samples.

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Finishing Workshop

This workshop will feature our finishing equipment for cutting, trimming and applying media and substrates. The workshop will help you gain productivity, be more efficient and increase your revenu. Content will be presented in a hands-on way where trainers will make you participate in a typical production day while including the equipment on site. You will get to operate these machines yourselves: Steeltrack vertical cutter from Foster Keencut, linear trimmer RET from Royal Sovereign and CWT application table.

Tips and tricks will be given to minimize production errors, speed up your finishing process and ultimately reduce your production costs and increase your profits. The equipment on display is affordable and easily accessible.

atelier Finition

Software Workshop

This workshop will provide an overview of two major RIP software: Versaworks and Caldera.  Hugo Clavet, Service Manager at TG will present the latest version of Versaworks and show you how to use the software to your advantage. Anis Benhamor from Caldera will introduce you to his software and eeducate you on colour management. Your participation in this workshop will show you it is possible to calibrate all your printers so they provide the same colours, regarless of the make and model.

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Media & New Technologies Workshop*

This workshop is offered to all participants enrolled in other workshops. You'll find information on the print media that can introduce you to new markets and new applications. We will present the latest arrivals in the range of Star Media products and put emphasis on the new PVC-free media line. Samples of each products will be available and you can view different applications built and printed with our products.

Your trainers will also present another side of TG with our range of industrial equipment: dgen textile printers, Flora UV printers, automated cutters from Colex and Fotoba. Videos will be presented, brochures will be handed and you can take away some samples.

Atelier Nt

Registration mandatory to attend workshops. Limited spaces. Registration before: October 28th. Limit of 2 persons per company per workshop.

*The Media and New Technologies workshop is offered to all participants registered in other workshops. No registration required.  This workshop will be presented at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.

To Register

Let us know:

  • The name of your company
  • Your choice of date (Thursday 3r or Friday 4th)
  • The number(s) of the chosen workshop(s)
  • The names of the participants you are registering in every workshop

Every company registered will receive:

  • 5% off your next order
  • A chance to win a pair of tickets to go to ISA Sign Expo 2017 in Las Vegas

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