Colex Colex Sharpcut Digital

Colex Sharpcut Digital

Quick specs

The Sharpcut , can read any diameter registration mark , crop mark or square resulting in highly efficient production.

The Sharpcut is available with a conveyer belt and automatic loading featuress which will increase productivity .

Weight :  6950 lbs  / 3152 kg

Widht  : 158 in  / 402 cm

Length :  146 in / 371 cm


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A powerful and versatile cutting system Versatility + Speed + Price = The Perfect Combination  

Triple Interchangeable Tool Head

Complete Substrate Cutting Compatibility

Powerful 6- Zone Vacuum System

Vision Registration Software & Camera


Model SX3232  ( 10 ' X 10 ' )

Floor space require 20x20 

Power requirements 220v three phase 90 a & 110v -15a




For Digital Production of :

Display's & Pop's

3-dimensional product displays by contour cutting, trimming , routing and creasing for both rigid and flexible media .

Textile & Fabric :

Cut textiles, fabrics and other fibrous materials with the Sharpcut's motorized fabric cutter


2-Dimensional signs , decals , banners outdoor exhibits and intricate lettering can all be cut, trimmed , or routed within minutes.

Triple interchangeable tool head

Fixed heavy duty creasing wheel with two interchangeable tool positions for various knives and creasing wheels

Optional tools including router, foam knife, drag knife , v-knife and plotting pens.

Vacuum System

6 independent vacuum zones

Energy Effecient / Low power consumption

Industrial vacuum motors for durability