D.Gen DGen Teleios Grande H12

DGen Teleios Grande H12

Quick specs

  • State of the art patented textile feeding provides an easy and excellent run-ability .
  • Excellent printing on woven fabrics and low elastic fabrics used for back-lit , flag , banners, bedding and curtains .
  • High quality printing with awesome eye-catching colors
  • Execellent penetration and a superb colorfastness . Your water-resistant flags will look great on both sides.
  • Creates richer blacks than coal , and richer reds  , royal purples , fluorescent yellows and pinks.
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Teleios Grande H12 textile printer

DGen has recently announced the release of one of it's Teleios Series textile printers - Teleios Grande H12

The printer features six colors , 12 printheads, higher resolution and higher speed.Teleios Grande H12

prints without coating on 3300mm wide fabric and completes printing without steam.Textile pigment ink,

which is printed directly on uncoated cotton/poly/blend fabric , prevents head clogging even when not

used for a long time. In addition , colour strength of 09f the printer is as good dye ink, and satisfies the

fastness rating required by the industry to increase customer satisfaction.

Teleios welcomes you to a world full of great solutions for the textile industry

Soft- signage for indoor and outdoor

High quality printing with eye-catching colors for soft - signage and home textile

  • Maximum printing width : 3,300 mm
  • Printing head :  native 600 dpi , 7 pl/dot. 8 level grey scale
  • Maximum resolution : 3600 dpi
  • No. of colors : 6
  • No. of heads : 12
  • No. of nozzles / colors : 1280 nozzles/color

Target printing speed :

600dpi - 228 m2/h

1200 dpi - 142.8 m2/h

1800 dpi - 97.6 m2/h