D.Gen DGen Papyrus Grande

DGen Papyrus Grande

Quick specs

  • Paper feeding system : Key component of good run-ability
  • Jumbo-roll feeder : Designed for 3' core 12' diameters roll, up to 120kg weight
  • In-Line dryer : Strong hot and cool wind internal dryer
  • Print speed : 138m2/h by 600 x 720 dpi
  • Max. resolution :2400dpi
  • No. of nozzle / colors : 1,280 nozzles /  color
  • Built in mini-jumbo roll feeder and in-line dryer
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The paper game changer at 138 sqm / hr by 2pass and high resolution


Papyrus G5 is the latest addition in the D.Gen's high-speed direct-to-paper printers rage.

This fully integrated production system comes with the latest Ricoh Gen5 printheads that guarantee up to 138

sqm /h printing speed . Furthermore , the well-matched paper feeding and take-up units provides

good feeding of transfer paper which allows high productivty and 24/7 operation .

Media fixing & cold+hot dryer  Papyrus Grande is euipped with an easy unit for feeding every fabric width.

Thanks to the dryer , that may operate in cold-only or cold+hot mode with temperatures up to 80C , the paper

drying process is operated at full speed up to 138 sqm/hr

Vivid colors and excellent fastness.

Printing on cotton just became easy .

  • Powerful in line dryer allows print and dry , right after printing
  • External shape : (W x D x H) 3,280 x 1,343 x 1,718 mm / 900kg
  • Built in in-line dryer
  • Automatic take-up unit 
  • True industrial printer