Colex Sharpcut Conveyor Digital Cutter

Sharpcut Conveyor Digital Cutter

Quick specs

  • Automated finishing system
  • Universal triple tool head
  • Vision registration system & camera
  • Energy efficient 6-Zone vacuum system
  • True 5' x 10' work area
  • Solid steel welded frame
  • Precision balanced aluminum rollers
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The Colex Sharpcut Conveyor can be used for a variety of applications:

Removal of Finished Jobs: The Sharpcut Conveyor efficiently speeds up the removal of finished jobs from the cutting table.

Fabrics/Textiles Cutting: Combine the Sharpcut Conveyor with the Roll Feeder and the Clamping Bar to cut fabrics/textiles.

Board Cutting Pallet to Pallet: Combine the Sharpcut Conveyor with the Automatic Board Feeder (including Pallet Table) and Clamping Bar for board cutting. Cuts up to 70 boards (soft) 4’ X 8’ per hour.

 Sharpcut conveyor & Auto-Feeder


Automatic Board Feeder

Pallet Table

Clamping bar - Roll feeder

Colex Sharpcut Conveyor

Colex Sharpcut Conveyor

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